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     Work herein is created as part of and is used for broad considerations applicable to the context of literary and cultural analyses.  Any use of others’ written works, whether brief passages or larger samples (entire poems, for example), is done so for educational purposes only, and I make no claim to the work of others except for that purpose, and as means of exploring the human experience in writing, literature, and art, especially as it relates to feminism and human rights.  Any person mentioned or alluded to in any of my works is regarded without animosity or intent at public defamation.  Any coincidental circumstance portrayed is purely that, and should not be interpreted otherwise.  At times it is necessary, for the broader context, to discuss things that might not be pleasing to everyone.  To construe any harm intended by that discussion would be a stretch of the imagination or even lack thereof.  

     Finally, I live where free speech has many protections.  I write in celebration of it.